Monday, October 20, 2014

Work space inspiration. Part II

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Back in May i was telling you about how we got ourselves a brand new studio and we were i was trying to find some inspiration for the decorating part. Well things are moving at a quite fast pace for us and we've just sort of expanded. :) Didn't move out from the studio i talked about last time, but added to it! My inner light fairy is doing happy dances and backflips because i finally get to have a huge window, so i'll have a lot of light!

Just like last time, right now the newly added room is a mess, but hopefully we'll soon be able to transform it into a lovely working space. That brings us to this second part of inspirational photos with their respective sources.  

I totally love written wall art / framed motivationals and the neon ombre chairs are fantastic! I most definitely have to have some sort of corner with a lot of photos and some books (can never have enough of those!). Not sure if i'll be able to have the cornered book shelves in the studio (maybe there's too much for a sort of "industrial-like" working studio? On the other hand, the industrial-like thing is exactly what i want to sweeten a bit...), but i do want to try the scallop wall art!

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  1. I like the tree from the first picture and the idea with chairs! Wish you to design your studio in a way that will be comfortable and will inspire you everyday!

    1. Oh thank you so so much! I really wish i could also post some photos of it, but for now everything is so ... ummm... can't even find a proper word for it! :)) Well, for now it's still not ready for a photo shoot, but hopefully i'll get there soon. :D


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