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Pyramid shaped boxes, favor boxes, jewelry boxes, unique presentation boxes

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The newest addition on our little Etsy shop is this unique type of pyramid shaped box. I've had several crafters ask me for some... "different" packaging for their rings, small earrings or cufflinks and i thought these pyramid presentation boxes would do the trick.

jewerly boxes
Here are the technical details that you need to know:
- small pyramid shaped boxes, jewelry boxes, unique boxes, presentation boxes, small gift boxes
- size: 7.8 cm square base x 6 cm height = 3.07" (inches) square base x 2.36" (inches) height
- cardstock: white (either grey or kraft on the inside), extra white (white on both sides with a slightly glossier exterior), gray (white on the inside) or kraft (white on the inside)
- they come in sets of 20
- find them in our shop over here
cufflinks boxes
Use these little pyramid boxes as party favors, wedding favors, small jewelry packaging, cufflinks packaging and all sorts of small gifts. You can easily personalize them using washi tape, ribbons, stamps, stickers etc.

These small boxes have actually been around in our shop for a while now, but made of a totally different card stock. They are the only ones we use a different card stock for than we normally do. Since they have such a unique design, we thought a special type of card stock would make them even more appropriate for being used as wedding favors. So we decided to use this lovely ivory shimmer card stock with debossed butterflies. They've had quite a success and a particular wedding in France comes to my mind...

You can fin these special favor boxes in our shop over here

unique pyramid favors

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