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So here are the links to the DIY projects i've found and i rrrreally want to try (hopefully i will actually start posting my versions of these awesome projects!):

* DIY chain strap watch - see here.
* DIY brocade mini skirt - see here 
* DIY magnetic spice storage - see here
* DIY wall baskets for bath linen storage (since we have big bathroom renovation plans!) - see here
* DIY hair tools storage cabinet - see here
* DIY "roller-storage-next-to-the-fridge" - see here
* DIY shoe organizer - see here
* DIY kitchen herb planter - see here
* DIY faux leather striped clutch - see here 
* DIY leather clutch - see here
* DIY sharpie art planter - see here 
* DIY hanging rope shelf - see here 
* DIY hat & bag rack - see here 
* DIY hoop shelf - see here 
* DIY hanging baskets - see here 
* DIY colorful clock - see here
* DIY basket weaving - see here 

Will keep adding as i go and find new ones! If you know any interesting / useful / cute projects like these let me know too! 

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