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Give thanks during holiday season - thank you tags, gift tags, jewelry tags, folded tags, fold over tags, display cards

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The winter holidays season is getting closer and closer! Everyone is getting busy preparing presents for their loved ones, so that's why we at Funky Box Studio thought that we should remind you of a tiny detail that holds a great deal of importance actually: giving thanks!

The winter holidays season is a time for people to get closer, to be better and kinder, but also to give thanks and share happy thoughts. What would a gift box be without a small tag on which you can see a hand written "Merry Christmas"? Add that personal touch to your gifts and your loved ones will have huge smiles on their faces!

Here are some of Funky Box Studio's little gift tags that you can choose from:
These classic folded tags are different from all the others because of the cardstock that we use. The double sided cardstock makes it a lot easier for you to personalize your gifts and the double punch holes are just what you need to have the tags attached to the string wrapping the box.

Even though i've already presented them, they can not be absent from this list i'm putting together. These tags are small and cute and they have enough space for a quick "thank you" if you're a "straight-to-the-point" type of person.

If you want to show love, what better way than to write it down on a heart? These large heart die cuts are perfect for the gifts you're preparing for your loved ones. They don't come with a punch hole, but if you really want them to, we wouldn't be able to say "no"!

Well well! You're one crafty person and you'd like to give your loved ones items made by yourself? That's awesome! Add display cards for your final touches and make them even more personal! You could even use them to hang your presents in the Christmas Tree!

The great thing about all these tags is that they are made from the same cardstock we use to make our boxes. So you'd have beautiful sets of gift boxes with gift tags to wrap your presents in! Also, this is only the beginning! We've got lots of other cute die cuts that you can use as display cards, so stay tuned! They'll be in our shop soon enough!

Funky Box Studio wishes you, as always, a colorful day! 
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