Friday, November 1, 2013

Funky Box Studio back in action on virtual home!

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The month of October has been the busiest we've had since we started Funky Box Studio. Didn't even have time to write about it all over here, but i'll try doing it briefly now.
There have been some significant events for us during this time and i have to put them down in the Funky Box Studio history book:
- we've had our first large sale! Usually we don't get orders larger than 200 boxes, but this time, this lovely customer ordered 500 custom size, custom design and custom printed boxes along with 500 printed promotional liners. Believe it or not, we actually managed to complete this order in 2 days (the actual production time on Monday and Tuesday) and shipped it on the 3rd day, on Wednesday. We were like zombies! We were in the studio until 3:00 am on Monday and until 2:00 am on Tuesday, but it was all worth it! Now we're anxious to hear the customer's opinion when receiving the (huge) package!

- we've had the first sale through the blog's Contact form! 200 custom size boxes for a lovely customer in The Netherlands! I love doing custom boxes and i sure hope the customer will like the boxes as much as we do!

- we've had the first local sale through a local selling platform! Even though this platform is actually really slow and not many people know about it or use it and even though it's lacking a lot of features, this lovely customer actually found us there, contacted us and we were able to close the deal for 50 cube boxes the customer was going to use for a baby shower!

- we've had our first sale through direct mail contact! I was so excited when i received the mail and even more excited to find out we were going to deliver the package in our hometown! The cubes were once again the stars of the deal!

- we finally got a good camera! This was one of the big things on my "to do list by the end of 2013", so i'm super excited! Tomorrow we'll finally have a huge photo session, so stay tuned: a lot of new paper goodies will be uploaded on our Etsy shop: new boxes, new tags, bottle neck hangers, cards and more! Please welcome our new baby Nikon DSLR D3000 (we're still unsure about his name; it's either Orlando or Gandalf!)

- we've had a record number of sales! 15 through Etsy and 3 through other means! It may not be much, but we're definitely excited to go steadily upwards. Thank you, lovely customers! *bows*

The things above are the most important events for Funky Box Studio during the month of October. We've come a long way in these 7 months and we are grateful for every moment of it. We're getting ready for the winter holidays now and we hope we'll have exactly what you need!

Funky Box Studio wishes you, as always, a colorful day! 
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  1. Congrats on your successful month Andreea! Wishing you continued success!

    1. Oh thank you so much! Hopefully we'll keep it going! :)


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