Monday, June 17, 2013

Quick look at what Funky Box Studio have been up to

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Every online seller knows how important photos are for their shop. Personally, i am even more aware of that fact because i've looked at dozens of online items and i'm easily and gradually becoming more and more exigent. That's mainly because my photography skills have never been required before and i am totally in the dark. However, things are slowly starting to get on the right track.

Photographing new items is a big part of what we at Funky Box Studio have been doing. We're getting a round of gift tags ready!

- cute, small gift tags made of our regular types of cardstock - white, extra white, gray and kraft

small gift tags

- mini folded gift tags 

folded gift tag

- fold over price tags for bracelets and necklaces

fold over price tag

- two special rounds of large gift tags in a limited edition made of extra thick cardstock!

large gift tags 

We've been busy all right, but that's not all! We have a new line of boxes prepared as well, but also other stationery & scrapbooking items. All these get us back to photography...

Stay tuned! New items coming up!

Funky Box Studio wishes you a colorful day!

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