Friday, June 14, 2013

[Etsy sale] Medium size kraft gift boxes

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Yesterday i was talking about how unlucky Thursdays usually are for me and how lucky that particular Thursday turned out to be. Well it got even better - a second Etsy sale in the same day!

Once my husband and i got to the studio and started working on the gray gable boxes order, i suddenly took his phone and checked our Etsy shop. And no, i don't usually use the phone to get online; it's just too annoyingly small! Well there it was - a message from a lovely customer i've exchanged mails with recently, announcing me that she was going to place an order for 2 sets of 12 medium size kraft boxes.

Medium size gift boxes 

This lovely customer has a great DIY craft idea involving these medium size kraft gift boxes. She's going to turn them into mini-suitcases and use them as party favors! Honestly, i never would have thought about that, but i can definitely imagine them like that. They're actually perfect for that particular project!

We usually give a 3 - 5 business days timeframe to have an order done and mailed. However, that's just to be on the safe side. This time around, we got both orders done and mailed the second day they were placed!

Medium size gift boxes 
So for the first time since we opened Funky Box Studio, we had two Etsy sales in the same day! I say we have plenty to celebrate, so this weekend we'll... oh, wait! We have to take photos for new items and we have to make samples and we have to work on a Facebook page and we have to learn more about StumbleUpon (we have a StumbleUpon account! Check it out here - Funky Box Studio) and ... and...

Funky Box Studio wishes you a colorful day!

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