Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Funky team's new shop and site grand opening!

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Lately i've been commenting here and there on some great news we've been preparing. It seems like we've been preparing for the longest time ever, but alas, the time has come for the final count down!

"What's this all about? New shop? Is FBS going to close down?", you ask. Well of course not! We'll keep on making and selling packaging supplies just like we've been doing for the past 2 years, so don't worry, we'll surely stick around in that area as well. However, we are expanding. "Woohoo!", i can clearly hear you cheering over there!

We've really been working hard to get to this point, but we've also had lots of fun, met lots of wonderful people and learned a whole lot. This is definitely a turning point in our studio's history (wow, that sounds serious, right?) and we're confident that it will only get better and better.

"You keep rambling, but you haven't said anything about what this new shop will be about..." Oh yes, i know, i know! I'm afraid i'll have to keep this a "secret" for a few more days until the grand opening. It can't really be a surprise if you know everything beforehand, right? What i can tell you right now is that unfortunately this blog will not be updated anymore once the new site is launched. Everything i used to share here i will continue to do so on the new site's blog, so you'll find everything in one place.

Please send some love our way and spread the news! 

Funky Box Studio wishes you, as always, a colorful day! 
Visit our Etsy shop - Funky Box Studio
Visit our Storenvy shop - Funky Box Studio

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