Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Funky Box Studio turns 1 year old. Roundup.

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Funky Box Studio is a project that my husband and i started in hopes of turning our hobby, knowledge and experience into a future blossoming business. Doing what you love and working for yourself at the same time is something everyone wishes for, right?  

Funky Box Studio is a little paper goodies supplier and we have high hopes for it. The beginning wasn't actually as filled with hopes as the present is, to be completely honest. We started off by simply providing die cutting services and soon after, we opened our Etsy shop where we sell boxes of various shapes and sizes, envelopes, tags, coasters, various die cuts, table numbers etc.

The day we opened our Etsy shop i had no plan, no expectations and was ready to wait for at least 3 months before having our first sale. Before opening Funky Box Studio, i had done a lot of research and most people were saying how you should be very patient (there were many people saying they waited for months before having their first sale!), so i tried not being the dreamer that i actually am. The first sale, however, came sooner than i thought and it was an extraordinary feeling! I think every Etsy seller (or online seller), no matter how many sales they have, they'll always remember their very first sale and how it felt like. 

The main goal for Funky Box Studio's first year (even though this goal was set actually later in the second half of the year) was to reach 100 sales. Or rather 100 official sales. I mean the ones that are counted on Etsy. Technically the goal had been met long before we turned 1, as there were quite a few orders that came directly through mail or blog or facebook or twitter. But we also did reach the 100 official sales on Etsy before FBS turned 1.  

The most significant moments for our first year are our first sale and our first large sale. Incredible moments for us, both of them!  

Customer service is essential. It's rather basic actually: the better you treat your clients, the bigger chances you have for making sales. While my husband is the actual crafter (i’m the awesome assistant like Wilson for Dr House or Watson for Sherlock! hehe!), i am in charge of the Etsy shop with everything in it including the customer service. The number 1 rule is to reply to all messages as fast as possible. I do my best to come up with solutions for every custom request for the best prices. I believe that proper communication and patience is the key to good customer service. 

We learned a lot this past year, but we keep learning new things every day. We try to improve, we try to grow and we try to do all this in the little spare time we have, while setting the new goal for this second year to actually turn Funky Box Studio into a full time job. Dreaming big is not always bad, is it?  

Thank you for your support!
Funky Box Studio wishes you, as always, a colorful day! 
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