Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday wishes. Big plans, huge changes, new roads, ergo a lot of work!

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The last session of WW has many goals for the future, goals that are not easily achievable or goals that keep repeating themselves. I have a feeling this WW round will be quite the same.

Well, without further ado, let's start this week's Wednesday wishes round:
* Get the new website up and running. Maybe i should also mention that the said new website is dedicated to a new shop we're currently working on. It's quite exciting actually.
* Get all the items for the new shop done and photographed. This will definitely take a while and it also applies to the current shop items.
* Reach 1500 likes on Facebook. Since the Twitter goal from last time is still far from completion, we'll just have the Facebook one this time.
* Make lists. I really need lists in my life. They keep me well organized and the feeling you get when you mark something as "done" is priceless.
* Blog more. I really like blogging, but the lack of free time is killing me! There are also a bunch of cool blogs i keep following and i also wish i could interact with other bloggers more.
* Get ready for Christmas! Find presents and give them before leaving for the holidays. Done and done! Although, as always, i wish i could have bought more presents!
* Must get out more, relax more, take breaks more. Too much work lately. Really need that fairy i talked about last time. I actually did all those things, but it also had a downside: it's already passed mid-February and we have yet to open the new shop and website...
* Make lemonade. We usually drink lemonade during summer, but why not now also? I like lemonade.

This week i'm going easy on the wishes. Even though they are fewer, they are definitely a lot more difficult to accomplish. But i'm confident we'll get there soon enough. Stay tuned for updates on the new shop!

 Funky Box Studio wishes you, as always, a colorful day! 
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