Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday wishes. They come and go...

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They sure do come and go. It just depends on how fast, right? Well this time around i've checked some other things on my lists as "done": spring is definitely here and the sun is shining and the cherry trees are in full bloom, got some shoes for me, my husband and my brother (but i'm pretty sure i'll order some more at the end of this week; there are never enough shoes, are there?), finally got a blender (even though i hardly had any time to actually use it; but i did try banana smoothies and most likely tonight i'll also try the creamy soup) and by far the most important achievement is that we reached our 100 sales milestone before turning 1 year old!! Woohoo!

Yes, i do have proof for all the above, even though the shoes photo and the blender photo are not actually my photos... Sorry, i forgot to take photos of those!

Tonight i will finally get to go serious shopping for groceries, home supplies and other stuff. Maybe i'll be able to take a photo of the supermarket cart when heading to the cash register... Also, by the end of this week i will finally go see that eye doctor. Geez, that was a long wait! I've also started listing our new wedding table numbers on our Etsy shop, so soon enough i'll be able to mark that one as "done" also!

Well let's get on with this week's Wednesday Wishes.
* Bake a birthday cake for my brother and also find appropriate gift. Good thing i already know what to look for. "Baking"... is a bit of a stretch; we actually just bought one. But it was delicious! Also the gift... it was something useful, but ... still a "but".
* Reach 500 likes on Facebook. This will take some time, but i'm keeping my hopes up. Got over 500 likes on facebook and i feel great!! New milestone will be 1000!
* Reach 3000 followers on Twitter. This is going better than Facebook since i do tweet quite a lot. Got over 3100 followers on Twitter and it feels just as great as the facebook likes! New milestone will be 4000!
* Search for and sign up for sewing classes. I really need to master this magic. 
* Do spring cleaning. And i do not mean just the housework. I mean sorting clothes: out with the winter clothes and in with the spring ones! Spring cleaning done!
* Sign up for fitness classes. Come on, summer is coming! Of course i need to... 
* Buy a concealer in this lifetime if possible. I am really struggling with this one. I've been trying to get a concealer for a while now, but somehow i don't seem to be able to get there... Definitely some weird magic here.
* Back on the list: find some me-time. Things have been really hectic lately, so need to relax from time to time. Juuuust a little. Eat popcorn, read, go to a park... Actually had a lovely time with a couple of friends during the weekend, so i'll consider this done!

That's about it for today... i guess. If there are any others, i'll keep them for next week.

Funky Box Studio wishes you, as always, a colorful day! 
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  1. Congrats on reaching 100 sales! As for sewing class, hope you'll find a great teacher, I'm thankful my teacher is very patient with me as I'm still learning the jargons and patterns, feeling like a duh!


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