Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday wishes. The beginning

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I guess this blog is slowly starting to get more and more personal rather than strictly "business stuff". Since i used to blog a lot some time ago, i think i just can't let the personal aspect go away even here. After all, this little business is personal too, right?

So i've decided for a while now that i'd be making lists. I'm a huge fan of lists! That's why i thought of doing this Wednesday wishes section. Just between you and me, having a regular weekly section on the blog would also mean that i will post here more often. I need to get back into the blogging mood again now that i've made this huge decision of actually turning it into something a lot more personal than i wanted at first.

So let's get started, since i have lots of wishes today!

* Having regular posts on the blog would be my first and most important wish today. I definitely intend to keep this one close!
* I am in need of a small, portable-like sewing machine. I mean like i am desperately in need of such a sewing machine! No, i am not looking to change my boxes and paper supplies main hobby and activity. This will be here for a long time (looooong time!). I need that sewing machine for DIY projects (speaking of which, i'll also need a DIY projects list too!) Got my brand new (actually quite old!) Singer sewing machine last night (04.03.2014) and i am now in the learning process and the "what have i done?"-mood and the "i've got to learn this"-state of mind! Also created a page for my DIY inspiration!
* Find new shampoos that work on my hair... This is another "desperately in need of" situation. I swear my hair is my most terrible enemy! I should threaten to cut it... Would that work? Just ordered 2 new shampoos of Yves Rocher. Hopefully they will also be good for my hair. But at least i'm doing something about it, so i can mark this as done, right?
* Take photos of the new card stock boxes that we've made. Somehow... take the photos while there's still daylight. Which is tricky, since i'm at my day job as long as the daylight lasts. The weekend is the only option.
* Getting back to the need of appliances, i'm also in need of a blender. Yes, desperately. Woohoo! Got a brand new blender sooner than i thought! Somewhere around the 10th of March.Creamy soups and smoothies, here i come!
* Make an appointment with the eye doctor and get new contact lenses. Oh yes, my eyes are as bad as my hair. Got my new lenses and thank God! my sight didn't get any worse! It didn't get any better either though...
* Since it's getting warmer and sunnier outside, get out more! And take photos!
* Getting back to the DIY zone, my husband and i need to make the "roller-storage-near-the-fridge" thing that i found here and i think it's absolutely amazing!
* Get new flooring for our bedroom and start planning the bathroom renovation. Need pinterest inspiration for this one too.
* Try Chinese, but also Korean food! Had Chinese food last week and it's delicious! I would, however, say that the Japanese is still my favorite.

Well these are the first Wednesday wishes i have. Hopefully, i'll be able to get back to these and mark them as "done".

Funky Box Studio wishes you a colorful day!

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