Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday wishes. Continuing the journey

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By doing this section here, i realized that i have lots of wishes... And here i was thinking i'm happy with my current condition. Nope! No, sir! On the other hand, it's quite natural, right?

If you check out the first list i made last week, you'll see that i've already marked 2 of them as done: new shampoos and eating Chinese food. Here's proof:

Well without further ado, here are this week's Wednesday wishes (feel free to write down yours! you'll be surprised to find how many they are!):

* Since we're still thinking about food, i also want to add here trying Thai food.
* Go shopping. This is also a desperate need just like the sewing machine and the blender. Groceries are probably a bit more important than the appliances... Probably. Even though i marked this as "done", i think i should have it on every list i make!
* Buy shoes! For both me and my husband. Spring is right around the corner, so we need new shoes. Today (19.03.2014) there will be a courier bringing us a couple of pairs of shoes. Technically i shouldn't mark this, though, because there are never enough shoes, are there?...
* Smile more! There are so many reasons to smile and be happy lately and yet i keep seeing the things that are the exact opposite. Need to focus on the good things. Take it slow and let the good times roll!
* Get the new wedding related items done for the shop. New designs coming up! Paper goodies FTW! Updated the shop with the new table numbers designs!
* Get some rest and read. I really need to find some time for reading. One should always have time for reading, but me... But it's not like i'm procrastinating; i'm just working... Therefore, i need some rest. I did have one evening all to myself, read some, ate popcorn, took photos of my cat sleeping... I really need this more often!
* Create another separate page on the blog with DIY inspiration. I really need to gather everything i want to try in one place. Done! And it's slowly starting to get filled with awesome ideas!
* On the same subject, i also want a page for home decor inspiration. I really want and need one.

Well that's about it for today.

Funky Box Studio wishes you, as always, a colorful day! 
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