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Little technical lesson part II. Card stock boxes vs Corrugated fiberboard boxes

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Last time we talked about the differences between card stock and corrugated fiberboard. I'm definitely no specialist, but i hope the short explanations helped a bit. This time around, i'll do my best to explain why corrugated fiberboard boxes are a bit cheaper than card stock boxes.

Part 2. Card stock boxes vs corrugated fiberboard boxes

Obviously, the main difference between the two types of boxes is the material used for making them. However, the difference in price is not necessarily because of that. Actually the prices for the two types of cardboard is not that far apart. The main two reasons for the price difference are:
- how much work is needed to be done for each one
- the aesthetic aspect

In order to make a card stock box like the ones we make, a great deal of work and attention to small details is needed. Why? Because usually our boxes are used as favor boxes or gift boxes or nice packaging for other items. In other words, it is very important how they look like. Therefore, we do not use glue or any of these sorts of adhesive because it would ruin the card stock and it would look bad. We use thin, double adhesive tape so that you don't even know it's there, but the box stays assembled! It might sound like an easy job, sticking that tape on each box, but it's actually a lot harder than you thought! One wrong move and the tape isn't stuck right and there goes the box! You need steady hands, sharp cutter, great lighting and back endurance! :) Oh, but all of these, of course, come after the card stock passes through the die cutting machine...

As far as corrugated fiberboard boxes are concerned, anyone can easily make one just by folding the cardboard the right way, cutting it with a cutter and then use a packing tape. 

As i was saying, our boxes are made in such a way that they'd look great on tables at a wedding or a baby shower or other events. They look cute. You can personalize them, you can put ribbons on them, washi tape, stamp them, decorate them in any way you see fit. You could not do that with a corrugated fiberboard box. Just imagine a nicely decorated wedding table, serene atmosphere, beautiful flowers, white cherubs and such and then you look on the table and you see a shipping box! Wouldn't it seem a bit out of place?

Shipping boxes are made for shipping. Shocker, right? The corrugated fiberboard makes the best shipping boxes. You can rest assured that the items inside will be safe. I said it last time, i'm going to repeat: i wouldn't quite trust our boxes for shipping. Our boxes are not for shipping. Our boxes are meant for safe keeping! :)

I hope this was useful! 

Funky Box Studio wishes you a colorful day!

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