Friday, August 2, 2013

Hello, August! Rest and relax or keep on working?

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Funky Box Studio will turn 4 months old in a couple of days, so i've decided to make a stats check. Like... a stats check for the whole 4 months, because just like my fellow Etsyans i check my stats daily. Hehe!
hello august
I've decided to do this because very soon FBS will go on vacation, so this month is compromised. August's stats... i don't wanna see! So anywayz, let's see some general numbers for these 4 months (almost!):

- total views - 17141
- shop views - 5957
- listing views - 11184
- favorites - 9303
- shop favorites - 1013 (iuhuuu i managed to reach my 1000 favorites goal!)
- listing favorites - 8290
- orders - 15 (+ 2 others locally)
- most views came from etsy and direct traffic, but putting those aside, the best traffic sources for FBS were: Twitter, Google, StumbleUpon, this blog!, Pinterest, Picsity, Facebook (i haven't even opened the Facebook page yet!), Tumblr.
- best 3 keywords - gift box / gift boxes, kraft box, cardboard box
- the listing that was the most viewed and at the same time that has the most favorites, is the small - medium gable boxes! Check them out here - click!
gray gable box

Well, i have no idea if these numbers are good or bad, but taking into consideration the fact that this is a side job, a second job and a hobby (for now!), and that i don't have the necessary time to take better care of it (sorry, my lovely shop!), i am personally very satisfied. There are also looots of future plans for this little shop, so the second half of this year will be very busy. The vacation is meant to fill up our batteries so that we'll have the energy to fulfill all our plans and goals! Speaking of which, i'm thinking of creating a new page here with our goals for FBS. Actually... definitely going to do that!

Also, speaking of this blog, i'm happy to say it's starting to get better liked by our friend, Google. I'll soon start to have posts about what people have searched and got here!

On a different note, i've created a RebelMouse account for Funky Box Studio yesterday! I'm still trying to get the hang of it, so please bare with me! Check it out over here - click!

August, be merciful!
Funky Box Studio wishes you a colorful day!


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