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Kraft envelopes for A6 or C6 cards

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Kraft envelopes are definitely a trend. Discard any other type of envelope made out of any other type of paper because the kraft envelopes are the ones you want!

You know when you set up a plan and decide to follow it step by step until you get to the end? Are you able to do that? If you can, then please receive my congratulations and respect! I am definitely not one of you. A while back i was presenting a new line of gift tags that i wanted to add to my shop's items list, but so it happens that i have in fact added the table numbers and now the kraft envelopes. Oh well, i guess sticking to a plan is not for me, although the gift tags will definitely be added as soon as possible!

Getting back to the kraft envelopes, let me explain why i've decided to add them first. There are actually several reasons for that.

Kraft envelopes

I guess the most important one is also the funniest one: i've had these kraft envelopes ready to be added for a looong time now. I've taken photos of them every time i'd make a new photo session for other new items. So now, after i've taken like... the 10th round of photos for them, i said: enough is enough! I reaaally have enough photos of these envelopes! If i take another round of photos for them, i'd probably have 1Gb occupied with kraft envelopes!

Kraft envelopes

The second reason is that this last photo session was a blast! I had a good camera and very good light, so the photos turned out absolutely great! For someone like me who has never tried too hard with taking photos, it is definitely something to be proud of. The other items i've photographed also turned out beautiful! So that's why i'll probably go ahead and add those items first and retake the photos for the gift tags... Probably.

Kraft envelopes

The third reason is also the simplest one: i like kraft envelopes! They go well with anything, but especially if you want to add a little rustic, cottage chic style to your event. As i've said in the begining, kraft envelopes are a trend. More generically, kraft paper / kraft cardstock is a trend, so anything done using this material will surely be appreciated. Why? Because kraft paper is very eco friendly, first of all. Nowadays people are finally starting to understand the benefits of eco friendly goods, so these recycled kraft paper envelopes will surely be highly appreciated.

These particular envelopes are perfect to fit A6 or C6 cards since they're 4.72 x 6.7" = 12 x 17 cm in size. They're made out of 90 gr recycled kraft paper, so not too thin to tear up easily, but not too thick to be difficult to fold.

Sealing is a lot more practical and easy with the peel and seal! They'll definitely come in handy if you have to seal about 100 envelopes with cards inside, right? Just picture what it would have been like if they were gummed and you'd have to wet and seal 100 envelopes!

In the photos i've posted you can also see some kraft paper heart die cuts and a ball of burlap twine. They will be added on my shop's items list soon enough too!

Funky Box Studio wishes you a colorful day!

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