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Funky Box Studio on Storenvy!

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Funky Box Studio can now be found on Storenvy as well as Etsy!

Visit my store on StorenvyEven though Funky Box Studio is originally an Etsy shop (and always will be hehe!), we kept searching for new ways of spreading the word. We got the Twitter account, the Pinterest one, Tumblr, Picsity and StumbleUpon. Yes, i know the big question: why don't we have a Facebook account? Well even if i tried, i couldn't give you a proper answer. I will have a Facebook page for FBS and i have started working on it, but for some reason, there's always something else that i feel i must do first! It's a pretty weird feeling... I will definitely have a special post over here when i finally manage to set up the facebook page!

Getting back to the subject, as i was saying, we were searching for new ways of letting people know about FBS. That's how i found out about Storenvy.

What is Storenvy?

Storenvy is an online platform for little shops owned by creative people. It is similar to Etsy and yet kinda different. They both work on the same concepts and basic ideas and yet for some reason they seem very different. They both power little shops and encourage the handmade society, artisans, crafty people, small businesses. They both let you display your items in a cute manner so that clients would find you easily and be attracted to shop. There are differences when it comes to shipping fees; they have different methods of listing those. It took me a while to understand how Storenvy works when it comes to this aspect, but it's actually pretty ok. I must admit that i like the Etsy way better, but that must also be because i'm already very used to Etsy and i'm just getting to know Storenvy.

There's one huge advantage Storenvy has and that is: it's free! There are, of course, special features you can buy, but basically running a Storenvy shop is free. However, if you have a small shop just like me and you're also thinking of opening it up on Storenvy, i think you should hurry because i'm not sure they'll keep it free for much longer. Here's what i think:

Visit my store on Storenvy
Etsy is already a very well known online platform for small shops and it has a huge community worldwide. It's been a long time since they reached a point where they needed funds to keep on going. Storenvy, on the other hand, is relatively small compared to Etsy, but that doesn't mean you should neglect their community. There are over 48000 shops and small businesses on Storenvy! That's really something! As far as i know, they're growing constantly, so it won't be long until they catch up.

As i was saying, Storenvy is free at the moment. The only thing you you'll pay will be the PayPal fee. I do have many items on hold and not listed on Etsy yet and they'll appear on Storenvy first. Being free has a lot to do with this.

A cool tool Storenvy has and will definitely help you a lot is importing listings from your Etsy shop. I've already done that and i am currently trying to set up the final touches that don't get imported - tags, photos that are larger than 3Mb can't get imported, shipping classes and groups, including the items in a category, setting up the stock.

Another cool thing that i totally love about Storenvy is that it makes me smile! It's really a great achievement to do what you love, but it's even more so when you have some motivational and hilarious help. Before i started "envy-ing" items on other shops, when i looked at my profile not having anything there that i liked, it said something like: "Andreea hasn't envy'd anything yet. We believe she's still in shock because of the awesomeness of the items here." It wasn't quite with those words, but it was similar and it was a lot of fun. Also, when checking out the About page, there you can also read the Storenvy "pledge". Well it's not a pledge; i just called it like that. Anyways, there are lots of definitions there for Storenvy and lots of its beliefs. Among those, there's my favorite: "Storenvy thinks you're cute."

Okey, i've written enough. Check out my Storenvy shop and let me know if you decide to open your own shop there! We can exchange ideas and opinions. You'll also find new Funky Box Studio items listed there before you'll see them on Etsy. Check out the Storenvy badge on the sidebar! It thinks i'm cute!

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Funky Box Studio wishes you a colorful day!

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Visit our Storenvy shop - Funky Box Studio

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