Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Table numbers - elegant black and white, flat or tent

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Table numbers have been on Funky Box Studio's "to do list" for a while now. The time has come for them to finally be up for sale on our Etsy shop!

We have come up with a simple, yet classy and elegant design using black ink on beautiful, glossy, shiny white cardstock of 300 gr. There are 4 types of calligraphy that you can choose from, all of them being gently emphasized by the black border. We chose to display table number samples of picture frame size - 5 x 7" (aproximately 13 x 18 cm), but the size can be easily customized depending on your prefferences.

Our table numbers are either flat or tent. Here are the 4 types of calligraphy for the flat table numbers:

And here are the tent table numbers:

The good thing is that if you feel like you're under pressure and there's not enough time for us to ship them, we can always send them in digital form as a pdf file! You can download it directly into your computer and print it on whatever kind of cardstock you wish to choose!

Coming up: new cute boxes and the promissed gift tags and price tags!

Funky Box Studio wishes you a colorful day!

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