Saturday, June 1, 2013

Funky Box Studio - how it all started

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Me (Andreea) and my husband have been thinking of doing something on our own for quite some time. Not to be rude towards our current employers, but we'd kinda work a lot more efficiently if it was for ourselves!

funky box studio

So a while ago we decided to buy a piece of machinery (my husband is the technician here, so i won't venture into calling it names). I admit i was skeptical at first, but as soon as i saw what she can do (yes, i decided the machinery is a girl, i gave her a name, welcomed her into the family and everything), i fell in love. There are so many paper and cardboard products that wouldn't exist if it wasn't for her! That's why i'll pretty much update the shop products quite often... If i can bring myself to break through the photography mysteries...

Soon after that, we decided to let people know about what we can do together. So our Funky Box Studio came to life! We're only at the begining, but it gives such a good feeling that we're confident we'll constantly grow bigger and bigger!

Funky Box Studio wishes you a colorful day!

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