Thursday, June 13, 2013

[Etsy sale] Gray cardstock gable gift boxes

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An Etsy sale is always exciting for any seller, regardless of the number of items he sold so far or how long he's been doing this. It's thrilling! It puts a smile on your face and you're eager to start working on that order. You already know you have great items in your shop, but you keep thinking: will the buyer like them as much as i do?

Usually Thursdays are terrible days for me, but this time around, this particular Thursday wanted to make it up to me for all the bad Thursdays i've had. Etsy sale! A lovely customer ordered a set of 16 gray gable boxes.

gray gable box

I personally love this order not only because these boxes are ones of my favorite, but also because i love the gray cardstock! It's perfect for any occasion and it's easily adaptable. These handle boxes can be used for regular gifts, but they are also great as party favors or wedding favors; not to mention the various craft projects you can include them in. You'll have a blast assembling them - as they are shipped flat - and your creativeness will come up with lots of ideas to adjust them to your occasion (ribbons, stickers, tapes, stamps or whatever else you have in mind to add a personal touch).

flat gable boxes

Well it seems like this is going to be a great Thursday.

Funky Box Studio wishes you a colorful day!

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  1. Hello from Princess Mousey Cards!

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